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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter - 176

Chapter 176 - Give Me Face

Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu

Alodia really didn’t disappoint Laura as, right after arriving in Casa City, he immediately moved. Plus, his movements couldn’t easily be hidden from Laura. Thus it was clear that they didn’t intend to hide their movements from her, and she was surprised to see that Alodia’s first move was to head to the Grand Duke’s Mansion.

Laura hadn’t thought that Alodia would end up going to the Grand Duke’s Mansion. This was a bit beyond her expectations, but she thought that it was also reasonable of him to do so.

Anyway, since Alodia was the representative of Carlo, and Carlo was an heir of the Markey Dell clan with the same status as Karen, it was appropriate that they would end up visiting Grand Duke Evan. This was especially the case since Carlo could become the next head of the Markey Dell clan. Since Alodia was his representative, it was quite appropriate.

However, Laura was cautious since she thought that Alodia’s visit to Grand Duke Evan wasn’t that simple. Moreover, the people of the continent already knew that the Purcell clan owed a favor to her for her help in the food crisis. Not just that, but she had also backed up Evan when he tried to get his authority back. It could be said that Evan was her patron, so if you wanted to move against her, you must first settle this patron.

Alodia was obviously targeting the Taoyuan products this time. Since the Taoyuan products were the most precious thing in Laura’s hands, it would be impossible for her to let it go. If they wanted to get the Taoyuan products from Laura, then they had to use some other ways, especially since she was still in the Purcell Duchy. This meant that they needed to first settle Grand Duke Evan. So long as you could make Grand Duke Evan stop protecting Laura, then even if he didn’t help them deal with her, it would be enough.

After Laura saw that Alodia was heading for the Grand Duke’s Mansion, she immediately thought of such things. Sadly, she had no way to stop the meeting since it could be considered an official visit between Alodia and Grand Duke Evan. How could she try to stop it?

This was open intrigue. Even if Laura knew what Alodia was going to do, she couldn’t do anything about it. She wanted to see just how much Alodia could achieve. If, in the end, Alodia really could convince Grand Duke Evan, then she would be really disappointed.

However, Laura wasn’t too worried. After all, even if Grand Duke Evan were to stop protecting her after meeting with Alodia, there was still Zhao Hai. If Laura’s trust in Grand Duke Evan was ten, then her trust in Zhao Hai was a hundred.

Although Laura didn’t stop the meeting between Alodia and Grand Duke Evan, she still secretly observed Alodia. Since he dared to act so boldly, she was sure that Carlo had already approved it. However, since they would be moving around in the Purcell Duchy, which was Laura’s territory, Laura didn’t fear that they could so easily flip the skies and leave.

Grand Duke Evan didn’t let Laura down. After Alodia went to see him, he’d immediately sent someone to inform Laura that Alodia wanted to deal with her. This time, Alodia had entered his city. He told Alodia that if he were to move against Laura, then it would be tantamount to offending the Grand Duke.

The Grand Duke’s words were serious. Although the Markey Dell clan was very powerful, the Purcell clan itself wasn’t weak. The Markey Dell clan was a business clan while the Purcell clan had their own duchy. If Alodia really dared to move against Laura, it would be tantamount to offending Grand Duke Evan. A Grand Duke must have dignity, which meant that there was no way he would retract what he’d said. He would not be incoherent with his words. This was what it meant to be the ruler of a duchy.

Laura hadn’t thought that Evan would give her so much face. Since the Grand Duke had stated it already, even if Carlo were to really move against Laura, they would have to think twice before doing so.

Laura knew though that Alodia wouldn’t stop with this just after hitting the wall that was the Grand Duke. They should still have other ideas. With this, she feared that they would start moving against Zhao Hai.

With this thought, Laura couldn’t sit idly by and immediately ordered people to prepare her carriage. Simultaneously, Quinn John had gone to the Grand Duke’s Mansion to express their gratitude. She didn’t go herself to the Grand Duke’s Mansion to personally thank the Grand Duke, but sent Quinn John instead. After these arrangements, Laura led Nier and they went to Stony Mountain.

This time, Laura went to Stony Mountains without sending a letter first. She had wanted to do so since she knew Zhao Hai didn’t want to be disturb and had too many secrets. However, Alodia might get there before her and act impudently. She feared Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite and would deal with Alodia.

While Laura didn’t like Alodia, she didn’t want Zhao Hai to move against him. After all, Alodia represented Carlo. If Zhao Hai offended him then it would be troublesome.

* * * * *

Once Laura went out of Casa City, Zhao Hai received the message. Although his attention was focused on the Carrion Swamp these days, he didn’t lower his surveillance of Casa City. Adding in Drunk’s team who had just came back, his manpower was quite sufficient. Thus, his surveillance of Casa City was a lot more strict.

Zhao Hai and Green were in the space. After Zhao Hai recieved the message that Laura was coming, he immediately told Green. Green frowned and said, “I don’t know what’s happened this time that would make Miss Laura visit. Our forces in Casa City is currently too small. If something really happened in Casa City, we won’t be able to get a timely report, which is somewhat unfavorable for us. ”

Zhao Hai nodded. “We don’t have any way to cope with this matter at the meantime since we don’t have any available manpower. If we let the Night Shades stay in Casa City for a long period of time, it wouldn’t be good. After all, they are undead. If they were to be found out1, then it will be troublesome.”

Green nodded his head while frowning, then said, “With our present state, we still haven’t established our own forces. If we are to be found, it will be a problem. Right now, this manpower issue is a really big issue.”

Zhao Hai also wrinkled his brow. The faster they developed, the more the manpower they had would end up as insufficient. Slaves couldn’t be considered. After all, they were slaves. If they were to be tasked to be stationed in Casa City, then they would just be arrested for being a fugitive slave. On the other hand, undead were undead and if they were to be found, then it would cause its own troubles too.

Most importantly, the Night Shades were now zombies. With their original appearance, they looked no different from others. If they stayed too long in Casa City, however, then it may cause their forces to be found out. At that time, it would really cause a lot of trouble.

Zhao Hai had already placed the Night Shades at their former location. Still, he was afraid that powerful opponents might be able to find them. Zhao Hai didn’t want such forces to see his Night Shades. If they were light magicians like Garan, then it would definitely lead to a conflict. Zhao Hai didn’t want such a conflict to occur.

Green saw Zhao Hai frowning and thought that he was worried about the issue of manpower. Green said, “Master, hear me out. After we meet with Miss Laura, we should give her an Eagle Virtuous Phantasm and ask her to send news every few days by using the eagle. With that, we will not only know the situation there, but will also be able to strengthen our ties with Miss Laura. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded after thinking about it. “This approach is excellent, especially now that we have more than a thousand Eagle Virtuous Phantasms in the Space. Sending a few to Laura will not only strengthen ties, but also serve as a guarantee for Miss Laura’s security”

Green lightly laughed. “Master is really concerned about Miss Laura. Ah, Sir, I think it is better to ask Miss Laura about she thoughts. If she really has regards for Master, then won’t it be good to settle down with Miss Laura? What do you think?”

Zhao Hai hadn’t thought that even Green would mention this issue. Dumbfounded, he said, “Grandpa Green, we haven’t even reached an agreement yet. For now, don’t worry about it since we don’t know what Miss Laura thinks of it. If I really did say something brashly, and Miss Laura has no such intentions, then our meetings in the future will be full of awkwardness.”

Green deliberated about it and didn’t say anything. In his mind, he would just let it go for now. But if the opportunity arises, he would certainly raise the issue.

Zhao Hai saw Green’s facial expression and knew what he was thinking. He smiled wryly and also kept quiet. He knew that saying more would just add insult to the injury.

After a little while, Laura arrived. Zhao Hai and Green went out of the Space along with Meirin and Meg. This was because Laura had already seen the four of them. If someone were to be missing, then Laura might get suspicious.

After inviting Laura to the parlor room to sit, Zhao Hai looked perplexedly at Laura and said, ”Miss Laura, what is the matter this time around? Have any incidents sprung up in Casa City?”

Laura quickly smiled and said, “No, there’s no incident in Casa City. However, I am visiting this time around to tell you about my issue.”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura, mystified. “For your issues? Miss Laura, what happened?”

Laura smiled wryly as she voiced all her speculations with regards to Alodia. She then said, “Mister, this time, Alodia might disturb you. I came here to notify Mister of such a matter.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Miss Laura, please tell Alodia to go back. I don’t like meeting people and I will not like being bothered by him. I will not meet with him even if he dies and gives me a piece of his heart2.”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Laura was happy, though she still smiled wryly. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop him. The truth is, my Fifth Uncle, although he seems very amiable as a person, my Father says otherwise. From birth to maturity, he was someone who, if he wanted something, he will obtain it. If he can’t obtain it, then he will destroy it so as to not let others take it. This time, he has sent people and I’m afraid it won’t be easy to deal with them. That’s why I came to tell Mister about it.”

Zhao Hai frowned and said, “If they know the difference between good and bad, then do not blame me for being impolite.”

Laura feared such a result, so she quickly said, “This time, Laura wanted to tell Mister that I am currently much stronger that Fifth Uncle. However, Mister, Alodia will definitely bother you, so I was hoping that Mister will just ignore him. It is best not to have any conflict with him. I hope that Mister would give me face.”


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1 This would make them the worst spy/hidden/assassin undead ever. It’s not like they need to piss, eat, or take a break...

2 Did my best. I would understand it in the literal sense, but if he’s not being literal about it...



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