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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter - 146

Chapter 146 - Arriving at the Grand Duke’s Mansion
Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu

Rank Nine experts weren’t easy to please. Even if they were their own clan’s Rank Nine expert, it would not be an easy task. It depended on whether the benefits were big enough to make them act. If they could be enticed, then the Rank Nine expert could be asked to move.

On the continent, apart from the life magic of the elves, one wouldn’t hear of any such abilities related to simulating the growth of plants and animals. If one really did have this kind of magic, those large clans would try to rob it.

Although this mysterious magic looked common, the effect wasn’t small. Zhao Hai’s current use was for some low end agricultural products, which was a wrong way to examine it. If the large clans had this mysterious magic, it would be used to grow a lot of advanced magical plants which they would then refine into a massive number of medicinal drugs. These medicinal drugs were very expensive and could even promote an expert’s ranking. If a large clan mastered this mysterious magic, it would be possible that within a short amount of time they could obtain a large number of masters. The strength of the clan would increase sharply. Such a temptation was really too much.

According to Quinn John, who had many years of experience, as he listened to Green’s various explanations he had inferred boldly that Zhao Hai possibly mastered such a method that could accelerate a plant’s maturity. 

It was impossible for Quinn John to think of such a thing as the space. 

Green had also said that Zhao Hai refined the undead with a mysterious refining magic which made Quinn John have that misconception. He thought that Zhao Hai had possibly mastered making medicinal drugs, and that most likely Zhao Hai had his own refining technique. 

Pharmacy and Alchemy, in the eyes of the ordinary people, were very mysterious. Even a master like Quinn John still thought they were mysterious. In his eyes, these master pharmacists and alchemists were a group of crazy people, a crowd that thought of everything and dared to do anything. 

And a black magician that could do alchemy or pharmacy would be the craziest. These people could make anything happen, so you’ll never know. 

Alchemists and Pharmacists made all sorts of strange and unusual things. Also, a lot of medicinal drugs were quite popular in the continent. Pharmacists inadvertently made discoveries, or a result could stem from experimental failures. If so, then there might be a medical drug that Zhao Hai made which could accelerate a plant’s maturity. He did not feel that was strange.

Quinn John didn’t think that Zhao Hai might be an elf. One must know that an elf was nature’s beloved. They were born with Life magic, and as such they loved life. Precisely because of this, they hated black magicians, although they didn’t actively attack them. On the other hand, they would not have any contact with them and wouldn’t learn any kind of black magic. Zhao Hai was a black magician; that in itself proved that he was not an elf. 

Laura also knew of the importance of this matter, so she nodded and said, “Rest assured Grandpa Quinn. I won’t speak of it, but Mr. Zhao Hai is really quite different from the average black magician. If he didn’t have so many undead, I wouldn’t have believed he could be a black magician. Black magicians don’t have any regard for life, right? Why is Mr. Zhao Hai different from others?”

Quinn John was still smiling. “Not all black magicians disregard life, and light magicians also aren’t necessarily bright. A light magician’s misdemeanor is not any different from that of black magicians, but they are covered in a layer of bright light.”

Laura nodded. He was right; before when Garan had discriminated against Zhao Hai, she thought he was disgusting. After listening to what Quinn John said, she naturally did not feel it was wrong. 

Faith in the Ark Continent is very free. Some people believed in the god of light, some believed in the goddess of life, and magicians had their own, different beliefs. Many people even believed in the demon, Diablo. Laura’s own faith was in the god of knights. Naturally, this meant that the light magicians could not always be good.

Quinn John turned to Laura and said, “Laura, you go to the Purcell clan right now. Tell them of this matter — only us knowing about this is bad. As soon as some people release the news that the Ica plains won’t produce anything, it will then cause enormous panic. Everyone will begin to buy grain to save for themselves, creating a large demand for grains. Even if Mr. Zhao Hai supports us, it’ll be futile. When that time comes, the Purcell clan should come forward. In the name of an aristocrat, they should make everyone feel more emotionally stable. That will be the only way to stabilize the market.”

Laura nodded. She turned to Near and said, “Near, tell them to prepare the carriage. We’ll immediately go to the Purcell clan. If this thing goes well, the Purcell family will avoid heavy losses and we’ll become the largest firm in the Purcell Duchy.”

Near complied, turned around, and ran. Quinn John showed a faint smile. He was very clear; Laura had always wanted the Higanbana firm to be the largest firm in the Purcell Duchy. Only then would she have the qualifications to talk to her Markey Dell clan about conditions1. Now, the opportunity to be the biggest firm in the Purcell Duchy was here. 

Quinn John also knew that it was very dangerous this time. The big firms had been very prepared, investing a lot of funds. If at this time, Laura could really get cheap food, then it was a big threat to them. In order to ensure that they would succeed, the big firms could resort to using some underhanded means. 

This was exactly why Quinn John made Laura go and immediately contact the Purcell clan. This current situation involved the Purcell clan who were now out of danger. If Laura provides them such an opportunity at this time, they will certainly place more importance on them. They would surely provide Laura with protection and not allow her to get injured.

The strength of those large firms was certainly formidable. Within Purcell Duchy, however, Laura would be protected by the Purcell clan This was a clan with a great heritage, and Rank Nine experts. Even if those firms were unsatisfied, they wouldn’t dare make a move. 

Laura’s posture was straight as she sat in the carriage that was headed towards the Grand Duke’s Mansion of the Purcell clan. The Grand Duke’s Mansion was situated in the northern part of Casa City, a very wide area. This place was the location of the clan’s core area. Naturally, Laura also brought the corn and cornmeal that Green had sent them, to make her findings more convincing. 

The Purcell clan’s Grand Duke’s Mansion was magnificent. The exterior wall were nearly ten meters high with a huge gate similar to a city’s gate. On both sides of the gate were rows of armored warriors. Each of them had a minimum strength of Rank Six along with tall, strong, combative bodies. 

They wore helmet and armor in a style similar with Green’s. The helmet had two curved horns pointed towards the sky, giving off a powerful appearance. Their hands held onto long handled, double edged axes. Each of those weapons had a weight around a fifty kilograms, an absolute heavy weapon. These soldiers seemed war-ready, their appearance similar to an iron-steel fortress.

A giant Benniu2 emblem hung above the gatehouse. This emblem was silver. Emblems on the continent followed a very specific color scheme. Golden-colored emblems represented the Royal clan..Silver emblems were for the large aristocratic clan’s usage. Azure emblems were for the common nobles, and black emblems for the quasi-aristocrats. 

Laura’s carriage stopped in front of the Grand Duke’s Mansion. A servant immediately ran out of the door from the Grand Duke’s Mansion. These warriors were responsible for security, so receiving guests was not their job.

The servant stopped in front of Laura’s carriage and immediately bowed. “Welcome, Miss Laura, to the Grand Duke’s Mansion. May I know what your ladyship is here for?”

Searle3, who was beside the carriage, jumped down from his horse. He said to the servant, “The young lady has an immediate matter and needs to speak with your Stern elder. Is the elder here right now? ”

Whether it was Laura of the Markey Dell clan, or the Purcell clan within the Duchy, both were regarded as a major power. Both sides were also very familiar with one another and Laura had long since been recognized by the servants. Thus, Searle didn’t say too many pleasantries. 

The servant immediately nodded his head and said, “The elder just came back. Miss Laura, please come in.” 

Having said that, Laura’s carriage was directed towards the Grand Duke’s Mansion.

Upon entering the Grand Duke’s Mansion, there was a military practice field which was a common sight among the large aristocratic mansions. From this point, one could see that the people of the continent really esteemed the military and its warriors.

Laura did not stop at the military practice field, but went straight inside the Grand Duke’s Mansion. This military practice field wasn’t just a military practice field, but had its own strategic purpose. When war comes, this military practice field could turn into the staging ground for soldiers. In an instant, it could be converted into a battlefield.

The second gate, the palace gate, was the parking area. Searle stopped with the carriage. Laura and Nier went down from the carriage and followed the servant who led them towards the parlour room. Searle followed behind. 

Guests that were allowed to come in from the second gate were close to the Purcell clan. After the second gate and past the third gate was the inner chamber where the Purcell clan members lived. This was an area no average person could enter.

Laura arrived in the parlour room and seated herself. The servant then immediately called for the master. Stern came in from the outside and Laura quickly stood up as they greeted each other.

Laura said to Stern, “Laura takes the liberty to visit and has disturbed you. But there was an important matter, so I ask the elder to forgive me. ”

Stern smiled and said, “Miss Laura is too polite. You can come whenever you please. What has Miss Laura came here for? Is it about the matter of the grains?”

Laura smiled then said, “Elder really is fierce and has actually guessed it correctly. There has been progress on the issue.”

Stern, who had just sat down, was stunned for a moment. The day before yesterday, he had gone to see Laura and she said she could not help. After just two days, Laura now said there was progress, which was really unexpected.


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1Remember, she is still required to listen to the Markey Dell clan and, as such, they could dictate her marriage. With a high enough status, she’d be able to challenge that.

2 For some who may wonder, Benniu here is 奔牛 which can mean running of the bulls/bullrush. It is the name for a Spanish, Mexican, Portugal event involving corralling the bulls through the city and to a ring where they would then be killed by evening… Between Benniu, Encierro (spanish name for the event) and Bullrush, we chose Benniu… That is, a bull rushing isn’t a very good emblem...

3 塞尔 - Sài ěr. Sergio did not really work with the raw which sounded more like “say err”. As such, the better looking, more impressive sounding Searle was used.


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